Get to Know Our Kittens!

New Maine Coon kittens

Sire: Champion Family Talisman Leonardo
Dam: Champion Faydark Nirvana

1. Columbus (4 months) – Reserved by Jen

Male, Blue Tabby, DOB: 05/19/23

2. Cactus (3 months) – Adopted by Owen

Male, Blue, DOB: 05/19/23

3. Cynthia (4 months) – Available

Female, Black Silver Classic Tabby, DOB: 05/19/23

4. Claudius (4 months) – Available

Male, Odd-Eyed White, DOB: 05/19/23


$2800 for kittens sold as pets (to be neutered/spayed)

$3000-4000 for kittens as breeder (must be approved first)

Please download, fill out and email us our Adoption Application if you are interested in adopting one of our beautiful Maine Coon kittens.

Do not put any deposit down without first emailing/talking with us. We need to know a little about you and your plans before we can approve you for one of our babies. Our goal is to place kittens in homes where they will be loved first and foremost.

A deposit of $500 is due once we approve you for the purchase of one of our kittens. Payments are then allowed for the remaining balance or can be paid in full before picking up or shipping your baby.

Deposits are NOT refundable if cancelled by the buyer (no exceptions!)*
Payment options in USA, Canada and Europe are by PayPal or cash only.
*Breeder reserves the right to refuse placement of any kitten at any time. Deposits are NOT refundable unless cancelled by the breeder.



Past Maine Coon Kittens

Benedict (3 months) – Adopted by Heather

Male, Black Smoke, DOB: 11/29/22

Bianca (6 months) – Adopted by Katie

Female, Black Smoke, DOB: 11/29/22

Bonnie (3.5 months) – Adopted by Jacob

Female, Black Smoke, DOB: 11/29/22

Baily (3 months) – Adopted by Leah

Female, Black Smoke, DOB: 11/29/22

Blossom (6 months) – Adopted by Angie

Female, Black, DOB: 11/29/22

Click here to see more pictures of our princess Blossom

Beatrice – Staying at FancyLynx

Female, Black Silver Classic Tabby, DOB: 11/29/22

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Alberta (Allie) (3.5 months) – Adopted by Yvonne

Female, Black Smoke, DOB: 07/15/21

Alex (3 months) – Adopted by Suzette & Thomas

Female, Black Smoke, DOB: 07/15/21

Anastasia (3 months) – Adopted by Gina

Female, Brown Tabby, DOB: 07/15/21

Alyssa (3 months) – Adopted by Mary

Female, Black Silver Classic Tabby, DOB: 07/15/21

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